Special Events

Fun Events
A kitten party or a birthday for the King of the Jungle could be so much fun! Let us pick up the treats and blow up the balloons, making sure you and your guests are free to enjoy your spotless and tastefully decorated home.
Casual Events
Truly enjoy hosting garden parties, wine tastings, and other casual soirées at your home. The Lion's Pride can dust off the patio furniture, shine the crystal, pick up the hors d'ouvres, and sweep the porch. It's our pleasure to help you relax and enjoy yourself.
Special Events
Hosting special events at home can be mind-boggling. From polishing the silver to ensuring seasonal hand towels are properly aligned in the guest bathroom, we've got your back. After making certain everything is picture perfect, we'll sneak out as quietly as a big cat.
After the ball - or the pizza party is over, you can rely on our Lions to set everything right again. We'll be in and out in a jiffy, leaving everything pristine - just the way you want it.
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