Cub Clean
Put your mind at ease! With your busy schedule it's nice to know dishes are done daily, beds are made and everything looks tidy as you arrive home each day.
Weekly Pride
Ensuring that your home stays picture perfect, we will visit weekly. Eliminating cub prints, pouncing on dust bunnies, and thoroughly cleaning every room in your home is our goal.
Bi-weekly Sharp Claws
Your busy family's schedule makes bi-weekly cleaning a great option. Scrubbing bathroom tile, wiping baseboards and eliminating cobwebs are standard in addition to a thorough cleaning of every room in your home.
Lioness Visit
Monthly preservation of your beautiful residence is our aim. TLC treatment for granite, stone or wooden counter tops, hardwood and laminate flooring, grout and tile work, light fixtures, and cabinet care are the focus of this service.
Seasonal Mane & Tail
Seasons change and we are available to spruce things up. We'll clean the fridge and oven, spot clean carpets, wash the windows, clean the blinds, and happily fulfill requests.
Annual South Paws
Yearly, we will schedule a day doing the projects you don't have time to do. Clean the carpet, thoroughly wipe down walls, polish up light fixtures, scrub the deck - we'll tailor our day to meet your demands.
Paw Patrol
Your animals are family! As long as they are lion-friendly we'd love to have their company as we care for your home. If they don't appreciate lions roaming their territory, we ask that you kennel them or secure them where they will be safe - and so will we.
Green Clean
Many clients request a "green clean" approach to maintain their home. We strive to use environment friendly products and will use only the the products you request for your residence.
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