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Holiday Prep

As the holidays approach, we are all looking for ways to prepare our home for guests. The season can be a stressful one, but here are a few tips to lighten the load and help you actually look forward to holiday visits.

1) Don’t be afraid to call in a professional! Lion Clean is readily available and can tackle the tiniest or toughest cleaning projects for you. (We can even help decorate!)

2) When you cook those comfort stews, chilis, and soups – cook a double batch. Freeze the second batch in a plastic container or a double Ziploc bag. Make sure you label and date – everything looks the same when frozen!

3) While doing your weekly wash, include just one extra stored blanket, pillow or set of sheets needed for guests. Run them through the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets. Place them back in the closet layered with a dryer sheet or two and you’ll rest assured that your guests will have sweet, scented slumber.

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